5 Vacation Spots You Can’t Miss on Your Sweden Trip

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If you ever wondered about the worth-visiting vacation spots on a Sweden trip, you have come to the right place. Being a famous country for its jaw-dropping attractions and landscapes, Sweden holds a ton of beautiful places which people can’t get over. To get the most out of your vacation in Sweden, hire a travel agent who will organize the trip for you perfectly. ReviewsBird makes it easier to find the best travel agent for you.

These unmissable destinations gave a lot to the world – from flat sightseeing to sharp vibrant vacationing, there’s everything! Sweden is not an inexpensive city. If you’re planning to spend your whole vacation in Sweden, make sure you have an account in Swedish banks to avoid any unwanted situations.

Not based on any randomly picked list of vacationlands but these 5 places are loved by everyone who has explored Sweden – home to scenic locations, amazing eateries, and picturesque places.

1. Stockholm

Stockholm, the largest city in Scandinavia, is a must-visit in Sweden if you want to explore Scandinavia cultures and traditions. With prolific-green parks and lush-blue lakes, this city attracts tourists’ eyes. The top sights in Stockholm’s list are the Vasa museum, the Royal palace, Fotografiska, and Nordiska Museet.

2. Gothenburg

This West Sweden part is one of the greenest cities that is recognized as environmentally-friendly and sustainable. The best way to explore this is to pedal around charming lanes, bridges, gardens and forests. You can find the biggest garden here, named Gothenberg botanical garden, which has 16,000 plant varieties. Moreover museums, art galleries, eateries, and islands and worth visiting.

3. Österlen

Another incredible and wonderful place in Sweden is Österlen. Österlen is packed with quiet and pleasant areas where you may unwind for a while. If you want to live some peaceful and relaxed days, this place is a must-visit. The best spots to visit in Österlen are Nordic sea winery, Brösarps backar hike, Knäbäckshusen beach, Simrishamn village, and Kåseberga fishing village.

4. Malmo

The best description for Malmo is a blend of historic and modern vibes. This is an eco-friendly city that contributes to the good environment of Sweden. Every part of Malmo is picturesque as it gives the blends of traditional and modern Scandinavia. One amazing place to visit in Malmo is Turning Torso – a 90-degree twisting building. Malmo beaches and bridges are also worth visiting. They can make your tour memorable and amazing.

5. Lapland

If you’re looking for wilderness hiking, the best hotel experience, northern amazing lights, and traditional wooden huts, Lapland is ideal for you to explore. You can also experience Sami culture in Lapland by camping and interacting with people around. This place is best for winter visitors. From amazing natural areas to stunning wilderness, Lapland offers multi-week adventures to its tourists.

Sweden has endless opportunities for tourists. As Sweden is home to scenic locations, make sure your cameras are fully charged and you have a backup if your cameras go dead so you don’t miss any breathtaking sights.