Aircon Service Recommendation

Recommendation for Aircon Service in Singapore

Our customer’s aircon service recommendations are always clear and concise. Many people have difficulty making the right decision about their air conditioner system. The following questions and answers should help you think about it.

Cleaning – How often do you use the air conditioner each day? We recommend quarterly servicing if the time is less than 8 hours. This is usually for home use. We recommend bi-monthly or monthly servicing if you are using your wei wei aircon system for more than 8 hours. We recommend that you book a regular servicing appointment with us if you have not had your air conditioner cleaned in a while. This will allow you to get a condition report and advice before we start.

Common Problems – Aircon not cooling, aircon icing, or leaking? Most of the time, it can be fixed by a thorough cleaning such as a chemical wash or overhaul. However, there may be an issue with the aircon itself. To find out the true problem, book an appointment for an aircon inspection.
Repair – Is your air conditioner still covered by warranty? To verify, contact the customer service of the aircon company or the sales representative who sold the system. If the repair is not done by one of the above, this can help you avoid having to pay extra for the air conditioner.

Buy an Aircon System – Don’t buy one without the installation package. You may pay more for installation than the actual aircon system. If you purchase the aircon units separately, don’t expect the installation cost to be lower. You may also have warranty issues.

Aircon company might acknowledge the purchased date rather than the installation date as the warranty start date. The aircon company may acknowledge the date of installation as the start date for the aircon warranty.
An aircon company or brand might charge you for any installation issues. They cannot make a claim against the aircon company because you didn’t purchase the aircon system. This is because some aircon company have their own technicians or service agents, and they won’t accept any claim from anyone else.
If you are unsure, contact the customer service of aircon brand by providing the model number and warranty card.
Information provided by Jacq and Aircon Doctor Singapore

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