How to Tag YouTube Videos

Properly tagging your YouTube videos can help you get more views and exposure. Although it is simple to do, it can be difficult to master. It takes a lot more practice and trial and error. This blog will provide the foundations for you to begin making your own videos.

Step 1 Figuring out your Audience
Before you can begin tagging, you will need keywords. To find your audience you must first figure out who you are. Who will be watching this video? Who is the intended audience for this video? How are these people going to discover your video? It is a great way to get to know your viewers and to begin to figure out their preferences.

You can imagine yourself as the perfect viewer for your video, and then try to think of what you would type into YouTube’s search bar. Super Youtube Views Provider is owned and operated by Google in exactly the same way as search. You don’t need to tag your video “Buying and Selling iPods On Ebay” if your video is about iPods. It is possible to call it “How to Make Money Selling and Buying Ipods on Ebay”. We now have the keywords and phrases that we want to tag.

Step 2: Choose Your Keywords
It is important to be concise when choosing keywords. Avoid rambling and don’t attempt to add keywords just for the sake of increasing traffic. Make sure you choose your keywords, and then optimize around them. Let’s look at the iPod example once again. It’s a great title to use: “How to Make Money Selling and Buying Ipods on Ebay”. It’s more likely than not what a quality viewer will type in the search bar. You may be wondering where to enter tags or where to put these phrases.

The Title: This is where you should put the most important keywords or phrases. The title: Focus on the topic that the viewer is interested in and place them here. For example, we might have the same title “How To Make Money Selling Ipods on eBay”.

The tags: This section will re-emphasize key terms and add additional keywords to attract relevant traffic. It is important to note that YouTube will not pick up your keywords directly from your title. These keywords are added to the title because “how-to” may also be relevant.

Description: I typically post a link in this section to either my blog post that I embed the video or an affiliate product for which the video is intended. If you feel the need, you can add a link to your blog post or affiliate product. For actual SEO, I typically include a portion of the blog post or a paragraph explaining the purpose of the video. Although you don’t have to be too detailed, it’s smart to include sentences with keywords and alternate forms. You might say, “This video explains how to make money on eBay by buying and reselling Apple iPods.” If you want to purchase an iPod, I recommend finding the lowest price from a seller with high-value items. You will notice that I also included other ways of selling and buying an iPod. This should be done for all the major keywords.

Step 3: Don’t make things too complicated
It is easy to get lost in the details of optimizing your videos. Be mindful that your viewers will only be searching for keywords you choose. These keywords should be optimized in your title, tag and description. It’s okay to keep it simple.

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