How to tip your Blackjack dealer

Tipping is a method of communication in service industries, especially in the US. People working in any capacity as a service provider usually get low or no wages and rely on their tips to increase their income.

Casinos are…

They are also part of the entertainment service category in all their forms. You can see the workers on the casino floor – waiters, servers, bartenders and waiters, all trying to make their customers feel comfortable and earn something.

Even though we all eventually go to the casino to play a few games at our favourite blackjack tables, tips for tipping your dealer will be most useful. It can be difficult to know when and how to tip your dealer and, most importantly, how much. This strategy could give you an advantage over the casino. If you think it’s too difficult to tip a dealer, both regular players and experienced players will tell you it is.

#1 – To Tip Or Not To Tip

It is up to you to decide whether or not to tip. Tipping is a personal decision that you make.

Blackjack players can have very different strategies.

From the regular player, whom some dealers may even know by their first names, to the occasional one, to the casual goer who is simply looking to have fun and check off their bucket list, to the one-timer just wanting to get the thrill of the casino floor. Naturally, not everyone will tip the same, regardless of how common it might be. There’s a Microgaming-exclusive games lobby as well as a Slots tab that offers NetEnt, IGT, and other award-winning game providers. You won’t find a better selection online than the 500+ slot machines and 200 table games. We are also at the forefront of technology when it comes to mobile gaming. 32Red dedicates a lot of effort to ensure that all our gaming experiences work on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Do what you like, and if you do decide to tip, you can read the rest.

#2 – How do you tip the dealer?

Many players will tell their friends that tipping early (if the dealer has deserved it) will get you better treatment in the game. The best way to tip the dealer is to always lean towards the one you feel most comfortable with.

Sometimes, players tip by giving the player cash or chips right after the hand ends. You can hand the cash or chip to the dealer to convey your message, but it is better to add something if there is any doubt. You can give a tip to the dealer by saying, “This is for YOU” or “This is for you”. If you are looking to place a bet, you should start with “I bet X “.

There are still other players who tip their dealers differently – they bet for them. It is forbidden to tip the dealer at any games, not even at their particular blackjack table. The player often places the dealer’s tip as a wager just like their own—only one requirement: the dealer’s minimum bet must be at least equal to the total bet. Otherwise, the players have the option of placing this wager alongside theirs or over theirs. If the bet wins, the dealer will receive both the wager amount as well as the payout. In the latter case, your blackjack dealer will only get the payout. The player will usually leave the amount of the original wager to go into the next hand.

It’s the best thing you can do…

If you’re not too shy, ask the dealer what tip they would like at your blackjack table. It’s considerate and will put the dealer in good spirits. They know that you expect them to show gratitude for providing quality service.

#3 – When should you tip?

Even players with less experience in tipping will struggle to decide when to tip their dealer. Some players may believe tipping should be done at each hand’s end, but it’s not a standard tip at a restaurant’s end. Some tippers prefer to divide their tips among 5-10 hands or choose a different pattern. Your blackjack dealer will usually only give you a tip if they have dealt a winning hand or if you have been playing for a while. Don’t be greedy if Lady Luck is on your side. However, it will only happen if you feel the need.

#4 – How Much should I tip the Blackjack dealer?

Once you’ve made it this far in your decision-making, you can now ask yourself what price you are willing to pay for quality services. The casino always has the advantage, and even if they bleed you dry, the establishment will still be able to pay its monthly wages. Consider the fact that it isn’t about the casino as a whole but about the value and experience of your dealer’s services, so you should always stick with what’s comfortable.

You can still get some tips from other players if you need them. Those betting between $5 and $10 can keep their tips down to just a few dollars ($2-$3). Players who bet as high as $25 per hand can usually spare $5 for tips. You shouldn’t feel obligated to follow any suggestions.

#5 – What do you think about the Live Dealer at Live Blackjack Tables

Online casino operators offer online players many advantages, including the best casinos and gaming options. Online casino players can now enjoy live casino gaming from their mobile or desktop devices, in addition to the generous bonuses and free spins offered by the best sites.

Live dealer blackjack tables can present a challenge for players who don’t know how to tip their dealer. You can see them, but they cannot see you. However, live dealer software today has a chat function. If you feel the need to tip your dealer, place a bet, or give them chips and let them know through the chat window. This is possible in most live dealer casinos. You don’t have to read a rulebook before you can do it. Even if they don’t, the dealer will most likely inform you.

Overall, there are many ways to express gratitude to your dealer for their help and support of your blackjack game.

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