Travel advice: Venice’s Top 5 Secret Treasures

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Venice is the first city that springs to mind when we talk about Italy. This city receives more than 50,000 visitors daily on average! It’s time to start making travel arrangements if you’ve always wanted to visit Venice. We’ll examine more closely at Venice’s must-see hidden beauties in this insightful essay. Those planning to visit this city and looking for the most picturesque locations in Venice will find this information to be of great use.

Antique Market of Venice

You should surely visit this location if you enjoy unique and old items. Campo San Maurizio is the location of the antique market. Even if it is constantly crowded, you will undoubtedly encounter genuineness. Keep in mind that the Antique Market only happens five times a year. So, if you’re in Venice, you must go here!

The Antique Market has a wide variety of unusual items for sale, including books, old shoes, jewellery, vintage rugs, pocket watches, and other intriguing items from the past! Additionally, a huge variety of things dating all the way back to the 1600s are also on sale there!


Tower of Scala Contarini del Bovolo

From here, you can see a lovely panorama of Venice! The word “bovolo” in Venetian dialect refers to a snail shell.

The problem is that it’s tucked away from the masses in a dead-end street not far from Campo Manin. Its architecture is a distinctive synthesis of Renaissance, Gothic, and Venetian-Byzantine styles. The palace’s multi-arched spiral staircase leading to an arcade is its most distinctive feature. Overall, these are Venice’s most stunning and greatest vistas!

Libreria Acqua Alta

Located in Calle Longa S. Maria Formosa, it is a bookstore. Due to the fact that all of the books are kept in gondolas, the name signifies “the library of high water.” Visit the Libreria Acqua Alta if you enjoy reading and are looking for something different to do in Venice. This store, which has thousands of new and used books, is regarded as Venice’s most Instagrammable store. Old, historic boats, gondolas, and barrels are used to store all the goods that are for sale.

Ca Macana

The City of Masks is another name for Venice. The primary feature of Venice Carnival is papier-mache masks because they allow participants to conceal their social standing. This ancient custom is still current.

One of the best and most established stores that sells distinctive masks is Ca Macana. The craftsmanship of the handmade masks in this store sets it apart. Keep in mind that every mask is entirely unique and that you will never find a duplicate. Tourists can take two-hour sessions here to learn how to make masks. So without a sure visit Ca Macana if you’re looking for entertaining things to do in Venice.

San Francesco del Deserto

Between Burano and Sant’Erasmo in the Venetian Lagoon, it is a mythical island. There is a serene monastery there. St. Francis arrived here in 1220 and established a monastery. Legend has it that St. Francis buried his stick after arriving at his house, and it later developed into a pine tree!

We just went over the top attractions in Venice as well as some of its best-kept secrets. Overall, even the most picky tourists won’t be unimpressed by this city. Venice is a city you must see when in Italy. However, you must schedule your flight, your Venice airport transfers, and your itinerary in advance. Navigating a new place can be very challenging, especially if you don’t speak the language. However, if you’ve scheduled an AtoB airport transfer, you can be doubly certain that someone will be waiting for you at the Venice Airport to take you to your hotel.